Sindikat Post, India – The Satyagraha Research Foundation and many social organizations organize major programs on the International Day for the prevention of crimes against journalist. Monday (2/11/2022).

The most sincere respects are paid to journalists and media personnel who died in natural disasters, war-affected areas, and incidents around the world.

International day attacking journalist




Attending the International Day event to prevent impunity for crimes against journalist, among others the International Peace Ambassador concurrently Secretary General of the Satyagraha Research Foundation, Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Advocate, Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal Chancellor of Pragyan Jharkhand International University, Dr. Shahnawaz Ali, Dr. Amit Kumar Lohia, Senior Advocate Shambhu Sharan Shukla, Social Activist Navindu Chaturvedi, Chair of Paschim Champaran Kala Manch Shaheen Parveen, Dr. Mehbobur Rahman and Al Bayan Editor.

International day attacking journalist

In December 2013, the United Nations General Assembly declared November 2 as the International Day for Impunity for Attacks Against Journalist. The date was chosen for the 2 November 2013 murder of two French journalists, Claude Verlon and Ghislaine Dupont, in Mali.

On the occasion, the speakers said that a new generation of journalists and world media have come forward to protect democracy and humanity. Press freedom is important in strengthening democracy and humanity.

International day attacking journalist

Through this platform, the Satyagraha Research Foundation gathers the government and the international community to take the necessary steps to protect journalist. In the year 2022, more than 70 journalists are murdered around the world while playing their part in society and mastering their work. On this platform the Satyagraha Research Foundation provides services to him.

“We are pleased to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the United Nations Plan of Action on the Protection of Journalist. The United Nations aims to create a safe and open environment for all media personnel, a general culture of impunity and the protection of journalists. The emphasis is on being able to do the work required ,” said the Satyagraha Research Foundation.

Propaganda, online violence and hate, particularly against women journalist, have increased violence against media personnel around the world. The speaker on the occasion said that the International Day of Freedom from Crimes Against Journalst is an opportunity to respect media personnel and take a pledge to stand up for truth, justice, protection of humanity and human rights for all. @red.